WMMR & WYSP were the two Rock Radio stations I listened to back in the day

Both stations were in Philadelphia and basically the only two stations that reached the New Jersey Shore.

RADIO played an enormous part in out nightly lives, particularly WMMR.

Here's what made them great (at the time): 

The Air Personalities all knew their shit about the Artists, and the Bands. 

Musically, the station was sophisticated. They respected their audience and exposed them to a wide variety of Music., while staying true to the Rock genre.  


More coming soon.....

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Sea Bass


How it happened, The back story... coming soon!

Hello and thanx for checking in!

Tons of stuff going on. I'm in El Salvador Surfing with  some friends until Thanksgiving. Updates are sometimes difficult because most of the time it's  really hard to get  a decent signal here. 

Heard about 5 minutes of the KVJ Show the other day and they actually sounded pretty good.  I would still mercilessly spank them but at least for now, they've got the market locked down.

BUT... ya' never know.

Radio is weird like that.